Property Management

Property Management


Choosing the right agency to manage your investment property is one of the most difficult, but most important tasks you’ll face as a landlord. The commitment and experience required to effectively maintain properties, quality client relations, legislative compliance, and excellence in customer service, is extraordinary and often lacking throughout the property management industry.

When choosing a property manager, landlords and investors mostly look at management fees, thinking that property management represents little more than the collection of rent. Investors need to consider the systems and experience behind the agency that they are entrusting the management of their properties to, and the importance these attributes play in securing a hassle free experience and maximising the return on your investment.

At First National Tamborine Mountain, Property Management is our forte', and this is how we differ from most typical Real Estate agencies, whose sole focus is in property sales and not in the management or rental properties.

Hands-On Principal/licensee and property manager in charge, Kate Wallis and her team offer landlords over 40 years property management experience collectively with the past 15 years managing both residential and commercial properties on and around the Tamborine Mountain area.

Our professionally qualified, experienced and highly trained property managers bring so much more to the equation than rent collection. Our comprehensive appreciation and understanding of the law governing tenancy helps protect our landlords and ensure that they are achieving the best advice at all times.

Our property managers do so much more than protect you from undue anxiety. They offer valuable advice about how to improve rental yields, guidance on when and where to invest, and can even point investors towards the right place for advice about tax effective property investment for Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

At Tamborine Mountain First National, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, commitment to training and continual professional development of our property management team, and guarantee that we will always deliver the First National Promise -

We Put Your First. Why First National Property Management?

Finding You A Better Tenant, Faster

Our vacancy rate consistently outperforms industry standards. We have developed and nurtured a tenant database that holds more than 2,000 Queensland renters, all of whom receive our property alerts. We are also able to target particular groups of subscribers for matching properties as they become vacant.

Our online 24/7 inspection booking and follow up system is proved to reduce vacancy periods.

We do not need to accept the first tenant. We accept the best tenant

We will send you weekly updates of activity from the time your property goes on the vacancy list until it is rented.

We will notify you each and every time we receive an application for your property.

Before we let the property you will have the final decision regarding which tenant you accept.

If your current tenant intends to vacate, we will notify you as soon as we become aware. We actively try to find out the tenants intentions well before the end of each lease.

Arrears Management

At First National Property Management we have a zero tolerance on rental arrears. Under the Residential Tenancies Act a tenant is not in arrears until the rent is unpaid for eight days at which time it is possible to issue a Notice to Remedy Breach. Most agents will not address arrears until they have the legal obligation to do so on the eighth day.

We operate more proactively, rental payments are entered into the system daily, once they are in the system we start looking at people who are two days or more behind. We begin an escalating series of daily contacts reminding them that they haven’t paid the rent.

Setting The Rent Correctly

Every time we put a rental property to the market or renew a lease we provide you with an up to date Comparative Market Analysis report to make sure that the asking rent is set to maximize your return.

We understand that setting your rent correctly can have a major impact on your return on investment and improve your chances of attracting the best tenant possible. Overpricing your rental property can result in your property remaining vacant for many weeks sometimes costing you thousands in lost rental income.


The systems and procedures we use to manage maintenance are designed to mitigate any loss to the owner and risk to the tenant.

All maintenance, except emergencies, must be reported to the office in writing. We then establish the exact nature of the repair, provide troubleshooting to the tenant if required, discuss possible solutions and costs with our contractors, and then provide the owner with all the relevant information they require to make a sound decision.

With the exception of emergency repairs, no work is ever commenced without prior approval of the owner.

You may choose to use your own tradespeople, which you can advise us off at any time.

Having serviced the area for many years, we provide our landlords access to the areas best tradespeople including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and gardeners to help you not only experience the highest standard of work carried out on your property but ensuring that it is at a realist price.

Accounting To You

We will pay you twice a month into your bank account

We will provide you with e-mail copies of all statements, invoices and other documentation that affects your property every month.

We will prepare and lodge on your behalf any insurance claims required in connection with the property

We will pay any accounts you require on your behalf.

We will provide you with a detailed annual report of income and our expenditures on your behalf for the property.


We will complete a detailed entry condition report for the property with between 80 and 100 photographs to provide a record of the condition of the property on acceptance.

We will conduct an inspection of your property within the first 6 weeks of a new tenancy and periodic inspections between 13 & 16-week intervals.

Thinking About Making A Change? It's not as hard as you might think! If you are thinking about a change your property need not be vacant before changing managers. We can show you how to do this with no disruption to your current tenant. Please call our property management team on 07 5545 1500 for a confidential discussion about the management of your investment property.


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